May 18, 2017

This Thursday when there is an Advisory scheduled either before or after lunch, our Technology Department needs our help to expedite the laptop turn-in process. 

Here is the plan:
An information card for each student will be delivered to all Advisory teachers on Wednesday afternoon.  The information cards need to be given to each student on Thursday with the instructions to take the card, laptop, case and charger to the turn-in stations. 

Please share with your Advisory peeps!!!

Enjoy your morning-

April 26th

Grade Check Ins & Review Finals Schedule

Plan End of Year In Class Advisory Celebration for next Wednesday, May 3!

Get the Word Out!

We need to get word out that LHS is a semi-finalist in a National Competition. Information is below, don’t forget about the Media Relations directions above for info going out via twitter, social media, broadcast, etc.
I have included images you can click on and save in Aaron’s email below.

We need to get the word out FAST because voting opens tomorrow and runs to  May 10. Folks can vote one time per day.
We are top 50 of over 3,000 entries and we are top 5 in our region which includes 14 states! Amazing accomplishment for LHS students!

Please share this link with everyone:

Liberty High School is listed in the Southeast Region.

April 11, 2017 Extended Advisory

Sophomores: Please remember to submit your entry for the Charity Film Fest by April 12th.  Donations may be submitted to Mrs. Ward in the office. Voting will take place on April 19th!

April 4, 2017

Advisory today will:

  • Complete the Clarity BrightBytes Survey
  • Review PreACT results via PowerPoint below

  •  Donations for the Charity Film Fest may be turned in to Mrs. Ward in the office beginning on Tuesday, April 12th.  Remember the advisory with the winning video will get to donate all collected money to their charity of choice.
  • Advisories should submit a video and charity on the google form by Tuesday, April 12th.  All info is in theTACKK.

March 29, 2017

Sophomore Film Fest Competition

Sophomore Advisors will review the following "Film Fest for Charity" lesson with sophomore advisory students.

Need ideas for Charities? Check out the idea board below!

March 1, 2017

Today in advisory:

  • Check your mailbox for advisory roster and candy for the UNLOCK THE BOX lesson
    • When students show you that they completed ALL 8 "Attendance Badge" challenges, then mark their name as complete on the roster and give them some candy:) Please turn in the roster to your grade level advisory leader's mailbox
      • 9th = Sara Havermann
      • 10th = Charity Stephens
      • 12th = Brenda Parker
  • Lesson for Unlock the Box Challenge 
    • Teachers will show the following video to lead students through the "Get Schooled" Challenge to win LHS $500
      • project the video/have sound ready/students have laptops out to follow along

  • Grade Checks
    • Conference with each student regarding their grades
      • See if they need support in any classes
      • Inquire if they are attending LH for additional support
      • Remind them that P/T conferences are in less than 2 weeks


PreACT Registration

Please come to Jenny’s desk after school or in the morning to pick up your folder full of PreACT info.
2.       The folder will contain a PreACT  “Answer Folder( white and purple) and an “Instructions for Completing Your Answer Folder” booklet(dull gray). Each student gets one of each.
3.       The folder also has a class roster.
a.       Please check-in and check-out materials for each student.
4.       Students need to fill out the form with a pencil, so you will find bundles of pencils. Those are on Jenny’s desk as well.
5.       Complete each page as a class before moving to the next page. Students will complete pages 1, 2 and 3.
6.       At the end of Advisory, please return your folder back to Jenny.  I ask that you bring it down, not a student.  If your day gets a little hectic, please call the office and we will send a Hall Monitor to collect the items.
7.       If questions arise or if anything is unclear, please contact me!