November 15th

Career Ed Opportunities

Casel and McCallum-Little Theater
Wiederholt-Learning Stairs
Junco-Back of the Cafeteria

November 8th Advisory

Admin Refresher Talks

Juniors in Cokely Fieldhouse.

Please sit with advisees!

October 18th Advisory

Counselors will present to all juniors on planning for their senior year and life after graduation.  Students should report to their counselor in the following locations;

Mr. Casel (A-F) Back of cafeteria
Ms. Wiederholt (G-K, ELL, Career Center) Little Theatre
Ms. Junco (L-R and students with an IEP) Little Theatre
Mrs. McCallum (S-Z, Gifted) 815

October 11th

October 11th Advisory:

  • Gallup Survey (15 minutes) See slide below
  • Grade checks/conversations with individual students
    • What do you need to do before P/T conferences?
      What do you need to work on?
      What are your celebrations? 

  • Advisory retake photo if necessary

October 4th

Since there are multiple calendars out there with conflicting info about the advisory schedule, just an FYI there is no advisory this week (10/4) other than taking attendance and escorting your advisory to the assembly on Friday

**If you are a junior or senior advisory teacher, letters for the NHS applicants in your advisory have been placed in your mailboxes. Since we do not have advisory this week, all applicants will be notified by email tomorrow morning (Wed) to stop by and pick up their respective letters from you during the day Wednesday or Thursday. Just so you know, we had over 150 applicants this year, and about 40 of those were declined, so not everyone will be receiving a letter of acceptance. We tried to avoid handing them out in classrooms for this reason.

If any students do not get their letters from you by Friday afternoon, please return them to my mailbox and we will make sure that they are delivered. 

I apologize for any inconvenience; this was simply the easiest way to get these time-sensitive letters out in a timely matter without having advisory this week. Thank you for your assistance. 

Thank you! 

Advisory Choice

Advisory Choice:

There will be 3 Advisory Choice Days this semester. Use this Choice Board to choose 3 in a row (1 box per Advisory Choice Day). 

Start with choosing ONLY 1 box to complete for today's advisory. Please READ AHEAD to familiarize yourself with the lesson and any materials you may need.

(Print card for number of students in your class)
(6 min video)

Part II: Grit Quiz
(Learn How Gritty You Are)

Part III:
  • On whiteboard, brainstorm characteristics of a person that has grit.
  • Self-reflect and share...which traits you are great at and which traits you would like to improve?

(Let your class choose based on their energy level today)

(Small group explore video/articles & Share out)

Part I: Diversity
(Maya Angelou Human Family 2m)

Part II: What’s Your FRAME? (Students need paper - without writing their names, create a word cloud/list of all traits that make up their FRAMEs - project link above to give students ideas - do not collect)

Part III: Discuss the following in small groups...As we attend school everyday with other classmates, how can we use the FRAME acronym to check how we view others. Class discuss.
(4m video)

Part II: As a class, answer question in the section titled “Think”

Part III: Individually answer the “Discuss” question on a half sheet of paper. Whole group share aloud.

(Print card for number of students in your class)

(Small group explore video/articles & Share out)

Extended Advisory

1) Advisory Notes of Encouragement for next week!

Older level advisories will write good luck notes of encouragement to the freshmen and sophomore advisory they were paired with for the Pre ACT they take next week.

-Paper will be in your mailboxes.

-Please place completed notes in your Little Buddy Teacher's mailbox to be handed out before the PreACT next week!

-Freshmen have been paired with Junior advisories
-Sophomores have been paired with seniors (reference the buddy document).

Link to buddy pairs:

(email your grade level leader for further questions...Abra House = Juniors)

2) Advisory Grade Check

Option #1:
  1. Have students open their PowerSchool on their laptops.
  2. Walk around the room and look at every student's grades or call students up individually with their laptops to show you their grades
  3. Provide encouraging feedback
  4. If you want to know more about a grade in a specific class ask the student to click on the percent/letter grade in order to see assignment details for the class.
Option #2:
  1. Use Teacher PowerSchool to access student grades (see PDF for PowerSchool support)

During Advisor-Student Grade Conference....consider having students do the following

  1. Share this link for students to check out study skills
  2. Have students click on the first link "Study Skills Checklist" and have students jot down answers to the questions.  Then students need to read the directions at the end of the checklist.  Have students write down the areas they need self-help study guides and then...
  3. Have students explore the various study links provided on the StudyLHS link above
  4. After conferencing with all students have students share out study tips they learned or ideas that work for them
    1. Want to capture it?
      1. Try creating a Padlet wall for your Advisory & have students post study ideas

3) Study Hall/No passes to other places