March 1, 2017

Today in advisory:

  • Check your mailbox for advisory roster and candy for the UNLOCK THE BOX lesson
    • When students show you that they completed ALL 8 "Attendance Badge" challenges, then mark their name as complete on the roster and give them some candy:) Please turn in the roster to your grade level advisory leader's mailbox
      • 9th = Sara Havermann
      • 10th = Charity Stephens
      • 12th = Brenda Parker
  • Lesson for Unlock the Box Challenge 
    • Teachers will show the following video to lead students through the "Get Schooled" Challenge to win LHS $500
      • project the video/have sound ready/students have laptops out to follow along

  • Grade Checks
    • Conference with each student regarding their grades
      • See if they need support in any classes
      • Inquire if they are attending LH for additional support
      • Remind them that P/T conferences are in less than 2 weeks


PreACT Registration

Please come to Jenny’s desk after school or in the morning to pick up your folder full of PreACT info.
2.       The folder will contain a PreACT  “Answer Folder( white and purple) and an “Instructions for Completing Your Answer Folder” booklet(dull gray). Each student gets one of each.
3.       The folder also has a class roster.
a.       Please check-in and check-out materials for each student.
4.       Students need to fill out the form with a pencil, so you will find bundles of pencils. Those are on Jenny’s desk as well.
5.       Complete each page as a class before moving to the next page. Students will complete pages 1, 2 and 3.
6.       At the end of Advisory, please return your folder back to Jenny.  I ask that you bring it down, not a student.  If your day gets a little hectic, please call the office and we will send a Hall Monitor to collect the items.
7.       If questions arise or if anything is unclear, please contact me!

January 4, 5 and 6

Wednesday: Fieldhouse Jostens

Thursday/Friday Enrollment for 2017-18

Thank you for assisting with enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.  Students will be entering their course selections on January 5 and 6 during advisory.  Please follow these guidelines;
1.    All students should have their enrollment sheets with them. 
2.    Teachers should show the screencast found on the advisory blog.  The screencast will instruct the students how to input their courses into PowerSchool.
3.    All students will enter their courses into PowerSchool during advisory.
4.     Counselors are available in the commons for questions or concerns during advisory.  Please remind students they will meet individually with counselors to review their selections starting January 10.  Students will be unable to make changes in PowerSchool after 2 PM on January 6. 
5.    Advisors should collect forms after students have entered their courses. 
Please check off their names on the advisory roster placed in your mailbox. 
6.    Return roster and enrollment sheets to the Counseling Office by 3 PM on January 6. 

We appreciate your assistance as our school community prepares for the 2017-18 school year!

Screencast Link:

December 7, 2016 (End of Semester Celebration)

Class Celebration!

Advisory students bring food and/or drinks to share (careful of student allergies)!

Share out highs and lows of the semester! Share out hopes for next semester! Share out what your plans are over the holiday break!

December 1, 2016 (Counselor Caseloads)

Counselor Caseloads

Students report directly to the following locations:

Counselors will present enrollment information to all 10th grade students.
Casel’s caseload (A-F): Report to room 815.
Wiederholt’s caseload (G-K, Career Center and ELL): Report to 806
Crawford’s caseload (L-R, SPED): Report to the Little Theatre.
McCallum’s caseload (S-Z, Gifted, Homeschool):  Report to the Field House

November 30, 2016 (Advisors Present Transcripts)

Advisors Present Transcripts 

Advisors will present screencast on transcripts and grad progress sheets.  Advisors will pass out a copy of their transcript and grad progress sheet. 

November 9th, 2016


  • Project the following presentation (have sound available for video on slide #2)
  • After the video, circle up with students to discuss the following questions and any other thoughts/concerns/ideas as a result of the assemble

  • Extra Time? Direct students to the Graduate for Mas Log it to complete the 9 activities to receive the Attendance Badge = $$$ for LHS